Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Last Run

eBook Details :

Author(s): Greg Rucka
Publisher: Bantam
Date: 2011-04-26 
Format: PDF
Language: English 
Pages:     352 
ISBN10: 0553589016 
ISBN13:     9780553589016

eBook Description :

This is a succinctly written, suspenseful, darkly humorous, and fast-paced novel, with a large cast of well-defined characters, evocative settings, and an ingeniously constructed plot. Rucka includes all of the elements that aficionados of this genre adore, including cryptography, surveillance, chase sequences, gunplay, and a final twist that few will see coming. The author moves back and forth between England and Iran, manipulating his chess pieces brilliantly and keeping the adrenaline level high. Everything works: the dialogue is sharp, the premise is intricate but believable, and the book's climax is so tense that it is impossible to put the novel aside until the story is played out. "The Last Run" is a entertaining and timely espionage thriller that is arguably one of Rucka's best works of fiction to date.

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